Smoothie Bowl Food Art

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The ever growing trend of Smoothie bowls is taking over our Instagram feed, and for good reason these super-bowls are packed with fruit & Veg, a nutritional bowl of goodness which also happens to be absolutely delicious!

Not only are smoothies incredibly good for you, but the healthy & bright toppings they’re embellished with become strikingly beautiful in bowls. Many are becoming more creative with these bowls turning an everyday meal into a work of art.

Carina, from Germany is someone who definitely has this talent! Her Instagram page, @fan_tasty_c is full of wonderful smoothie bowls, all of which look too pretty to eat!

Here at Pink Tea, we love the fantastic creations made using our premium Mangosteen super-fruit powder. Carina is one of these food bloggers doing just that.

These frozen fruity treat that makes a delicious breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack. A fresh way of eating fruit and veg that feels just like having a bowl of ice-cream.

Recipe details on how to make Carina’s smoothie bowl are available on her Instagram page.

If you have a good blender there’s no reason not to give them a go at home & see what you can create using Pink Tea!

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